Open RFPs at Carlow University

Open Requests for Proposals are listed below. Please contact the person designated for each request.


Issue DateDescriptionDue DateStatusDocumentsContact
11/02/2018Dining Services12/21/2018Closed Bid Information and RFPHeather Farah
02/05/2019Digital Signage02/22/2019Closed Bid Information and RFPHeather Farah
06/24/2019Compensation Study07/31/2019Issued Bid Information and RFPBridgette Cofield
06/24/2019Investment Consulting08/16/2019Issued Bid Information and RFPDavid J. Meadows
07/29/2019Financial Audit Services08/29/2019IssuesBid Information and RFP Heather Farah