Making the college search and application process as simple as possible for your students is our goal. So we thought the following questions and answers might be helpful. Need more information? We're on it. Contact the Office of Admissions at or by calling 412.578.6059



Is there a specific Carlow Admission Counselor for my school's students?

Yes! Please see the Admissions Counselor High School Territories chart to find the counselor for your students.

How can my students request information or apply to Carlow?

To request information, your student can fill out this inquiry form. Our undergraduate application is available here. And it's always free to apply online.

How do I send transcripts/documents to Carlow?

Transcripts, letters of recommendation, and other documents can be sent by mail, email, or fax. Mail should be addressed to the Office of Admissions, 3333 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213. Emails should be sent to (or directly to your school's personal admissions counselor). Our fax number is 412.578.6321.

Electronic copies of transcripts may also be sent via (Please note that, if sending a final transcript, hard copies with seals and signatures are preferred.)

What are Carlow's school codes?

Our FAFSA school code is 003303.

Our College Board/SAT school code is 2421.

Our ACT school code is 3638.

How can my school participate in Carlow's College in High School program?

College in High School (CHS) is a great opportunity for students to begin their university studies while still in high school. It also helps them save money, as the cost of a CHS course is much cheaper than its on-campus equivalent. While Carlow CHS course credits are accepted by many other schools, students with Carlow CHS credit who then enroll at Carlow save even more money with our College in High School Award ($2,000/year). You can find more information about our program here.

How does my graduating senior verify enrollment at Carlow for outside scholarships/awards?

If one of your students is coming to Carlow in the fall and needs to verify enrollment for a scholarship (or anything other purpose), the student needs to fill out this form and submit it to the Registrar's Office. It can be mailed (Office of the Registrar, 3333 Fifth Ave, Pittsburgh, PA 15213), scanned and emailed to, or faxed to 412.578.6689. The Registrar's Office can be reached at 412.578.6389.

For Catholic schools within the Diocese of Pittsburgh: How do I verify my student's enrollment in Catholic schools for the Diocese of Pittsburgh Catholic School Award?

Thanks to a partnership with the Diocese of Pittsburgh, students who graduate from a Catholic high school within the diocese will receive a $2,500/year Pittsburgh Catholic High School award. Students who attended Catholic schools within the diocese for grades 1-12 can receive an additional $2,500/year, bringing their award up to $5,000/year. To earn the higher award, students must complete this form and return it to the Office of Admissions. You, or another school official, will be required to verify and sign this form before submission.

Is a campus visit recommended?

We strongly recommend that students come visit campus so that they can see if Carlow "feels right" for them. You can find a full list of our events here. Students may also request an individual campus visit by either filling out this form or contacting their personal admissions counselor.

Can I follow Carlow on social media?

Of course! Keep up-to-date on all the great activities on campus and read about our faculty and students' accomplishments by liking us on Facebook and following us on Twitter and Instagram