Want to change the world? Use data!

Carlow is accepting applications to begin in the fall of 2019.

Carlow University’s industry partners report a very high demand for entry level positions in data analytics. Data analysts are needed in the areas of business, finance, government, and information technology with the skills to collect, review, and interpret data in ways that effectively drive an organization’s decisions and growth. 

Grounded in the liberal arts with coursework in big data, data mining, and data visualization, the BS in Data Analytics will equip students with the business acumen, critical thinking, and analytical skills necessary to hit the ground running as a data analyst upon graduation.

Students learn to help others understand the data through solid communication and data storytelling skills. Core studies will give students a grounding in applied calculus, linear algebra, introductory computer programming courses, statistics, and other areas essential to the work of data analysts. Students will learn data skills in working with SQL, Excel, database design, Power BI, Python, R, and other data tools.

Graduates will gain the skills to succeed in a variety of environments, from big business to non-profit organizations to the exciting world of startups.

Benefits of the BS in Data Analytics:

  • Important skills for the workplace in critical thinking, team work, creativity, problem solving, and independent learning
  • Work with real world data curated from Google, Microsoft, and other big data sources
  • Professional exposure to the field through required, credit-bearing internships
  • Curriculum developed through regional partnerships and fully aligned to in-demand skills

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts growth of 27% in data analytics employment by 2026. Plus, the demand for managers and decision makers in big data is very strong, estimated at 1.5 million in today's market.

Interested in Healthcare? You may also want to consider our Healthcare Data Analytics major.