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Official Carlow University Logo

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please note, the only approved colors for the Carlow logo are black, white and #3c1053 purple

png versions

purplewhite, black  

eps versions

email marketing@carlow.edu for EPS versions

Official Carlow University Colors

Our purple is #3c1053, rgb(60,16,83), PMS 2627C
Our gold is #f1c400, rgb(241,196,0), PMS 7406C

Official Carlow University Hashtags


Carlow [Branded] PowerPoint Template

Photo/Video Release Form [pdf]

Carlow University Visual Style Guide [pdf]

Carlow Boilerplate

Carlow is a private, co-educational, Catholic university located in the heart of Pittsburgh’s “Eds, Meds, and Tech” district. Founded by the Sisters of Mercy, Carlow’s graduates, curriculum, and partnerships reflect its strong commitment to social justice; ethical, forward-thinking and responsible leadership; and service to the community that has a meaningful impact. Undergraduate and graduate degrees are offered in three major areas: Health and Wellness, Leadership and Social Change, and Learning and Innovation. Carlow graduates are in demand for their entrepreneurial spirit; creative mindset; ability to manage change—and their professional expertise in fields ranging from nursing, the sciences, and perfusion technology to counseling, education, and forensic accounting. Carlow’s athletic teams are known as the Celtics, a reflection of the university’s Irish heritage and roots.