Being a professional artist models professional behavior for students. It shows them that I am a practicing professional as well as a professor, and helps keep me current as an artist, which is a big benefit to them.  - Dale Huffman, Professor and chair of Carlow's Art Department
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In Carlow University's Art Department, we offer a robust and flexible curriculum that provides students with strong foundational skills and allows for an in-depth exploration into a chosen area of concentration. All students take the foundational curriculum, led by accomplished professional faculty, before branching off into their chosen specialty. Courses are structured to promote and instill critical and creative thinking skills, personal vision, and literacy in the visual language. 

Carlow's Art Department provides large studio and work spaces, a professional art gallery, and proximity to world class art museums and galleries, such as the Carnegie Museum of Art, the Warhol Museum, the Frick Art and Historical Center, the Mattress Factory, and the many community art galleries. Students have a variety of study abroad and internship opportunities while they are here, and our unique and flexible curriculum prepares students for their own careers.

Get a Head Start on a Master's degree

You can boost your way into a Master's in Education with our 4+1 system -- spend 4 years as an Art undergrad and get your MEd in just one year.

Where Our Graduates Go

Many artists have day jobs while cultivating their craft or seek advanced degrees beyond the bachelor's degree. Other Carlow graduates who majored in art have accepted jobs as:

  • Art teacher
  • Studio tech
  • Graphic designer
  • Web designer
  • Junior interactive designer

Recent Carlow graduates who have majored in art have interned or accepted full-time positions in such places as:

  • North Hills School District
  • Duquesne City School District
  • Montour School District
  • Brunner
  • Manchester Craftsman's Guild
  • Allegheny Department of Human Services
  • 3E Trading

Carlow's art department graduates in studio art have been accepted into quality graduate programs that include: New York University, Pennsylvania State University, Syracuse University, and Glasgow University in Edinburgh, Scotland. Carlow has produced working professional graphic designers, professional exhibiting artists, and many art educators.

Justin Mazzei, Manchester Craftsmen's Guild
Justin Mazzei
, BA in Art Education -- Manchester Craftsmen's Guild


Available Undergraduate Degrees

Available Graduate Degrees

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Joe Wos

"Charlie Brown is who we are—sometimes insecure, depressed, worried about the immediate needs—and Snoopy is who we want to be."


Michelle McGraw

"Realizing that I can help others have a positive perspective makes me feel alive."

BA, Art '07
Faculty Spotlight

William DeBernardi

"It is an honest observation, influenced by memory and perception, but free of preconception."

Art Professor