Co-Ed Summer Workshops for High School Students

At Carlow, we offer two fun, fast-paced summer workshops for high school students, Prepare to Care and Summer Science Nation! 

Whether you are interested in pursuing a career in healthcare or science, you will interact with and learn from professionals in those fields. 

Learn more about Prepare To Care and Summer Science Nation

Dates of Workshops: June 26-29, 2018

Itineraries from 2017 (these do not necessarily reflect 2018's activities!):

Prepare to Care
Summer Science Nation


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Prepare to Care 2016

Discover The Healthcare Field

If you’ve ever found yourself wondering how the human body works or how you could improve someone’s health or quality of life, the Prepare to Care workshop is for you. Learn more.     

Summer Science Nation 2016

Is Science For You?

Have a fascination with biology, chemistry and physics, and wondering how you might make an impact on the world? If you answered yes then Summer Science Nation is for you! Learn more.