Graduate Student Orientation is designed to alleviate some of the common issues that new graduate students face on campus. If you have any further questions please do not hesitate to contact us!

1. Is orientation mandatory?

The answer is a resounding YES! As a Carlow community we have selected programs that we feel are invaluable for you as a graduate student.   

If for some reason you are unable to attend the program please let the Office of Campus Life know as soon as possible. That way, we can provide you with any information missed. Please call 412.578.6293

2. Why should I attend orientation?

Orientation is a journey that begins with enrollment and extends well into and beyond a student’s first semester. It helps facilitate the transition to a university and prepares students for the educational opportunities and begins the integration into Carlow’s intellectual, cultural and social communities. Students will meet with representatives throughout campus to:

  • Get your Carlow ID Card
  • Obtain your Parking Permit
  • Finalize any Student Account or Financial Aid question you may have
  • Learn how to access Carlow’s technology

3. What is a First Year Mentor (FYM)?

First Year Mentors are trained student staff members whose job is to help you adjust to life at Carlow University. There are several dedicated student Orientation Staff members that will serve as hosts and share their experiences and strategies for success.

4. What should I bring to orientation? 

5. Can my children attend orientation with me?

Yes, your children are more than welcome to attend this orientation program with you. However, all of the programs are for you, the student, only. Because of this, we happily provide a childcare service for you. This service is for children ages 4–12. Please let us know that your children will be coming by filling out the registration form found here.

6. How do I obtain a parking pass for the semester?

Parking is free for all students the day of orientation. After this date however, a valid Carlow University parking permit must be displayed visibly in each vehicle parked on campus. All persons of the Carlow Campus community, desiring to purchase a permit must first complete a registration form.

If you desire parking for the term, please visit Carlow parking on the web to register and pay for a permit.

7. Is public transportation readily available to get to and from campus?

The City of Pittsburgh has an extensive network of buses that run throughout the city. Many of these options will bring you into the well-served Oakland area. For a full listing of transportation options please visit the Pittsburgh Port Authority website or plan your trip through Google Transit.

8. How do I log into my email and MyPortal?

Please go to the Technology Resources page for detailed instructions.

9. Where can I go if I need help during orientation?

Everyone at Carlow University is here to help you, however if you find yourself in need of some assistance there are two main sources for help. You can always ask the Dispatcher at the front desk of Frances Warde Hall. But more importantly please direct your questions to the First Year Mentors. These students know everything there is to know about orientation and can answer all of your questions.

10. When do classes begin?

View the complete Academic Calendar here.

Please log into WebAdvisor for your classes’ official start dates. (E.g., you may be a Day Student, but you may have a Saturday class.) 

11. What is the Carlow Card and when do I get it?

The Carlow Card is your student identification card. It is your access card to the campus. This includes the fitness centers, libraries, computer labs, in fact it’s the only way to gain access to any building on campus. You will be given this card at your Orientation program so please be prepared to take your picture when you arrive.

Questions? Call 412.578.6293