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Earn your Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP)

Drive Clinical Decision-Making

Become an expert in the changing landscape of healthcare. As a DNP graduate, you will be equipped to lead systems- or population-focused healthcare transformation by evaluating and synthesizing current evidence, translating research into practice, and driving clinical decision-making.

At Carlow University, you'll experience a supportive academic environment that provides doctoral preparation for nurses seeking a terminal degree in clinical practice. After completing Carlow's DNP program, you will be equipped to:

  • Critically appraise current scientific findings and theories to enhance the practice of nursing and health care. 
  • Translate and utilize evidence-based concepts and information systems to promote optimal health in diverse populations, settings, and systems. 
  • Lead quality improvement changes through collaboration with other professionals to impact complex systems of care.  
  • Engage in clinical scholarship, scientific inquiry and lifelong learning to transform health care practice and systems. 

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At Carlow University, students experience faculty guidance, statistical support, and a cohort model of shared learning in a supportive academic environment on the journey to becoming a scholar practitioner. Based on your specific area of interest and expertise, you will develop a scholarly inquiry quality improvement project evaluating and synthesizing current evidence, translating research into practice, and driving clinical decision-making.


DNP Program Highlights

The Doctorate of Nursing Practice (DNP) program at Carlow University is accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education.

Where Our Graduates Go

Further your education through this innovative DNP degree program that will prepare you for a variety of advanced practice roles. Our DNP graduates obtain executive nursing and nursing education positions such as Chief Nursing Officer, Chief Operating Officer, Director of Education and Professional Development, as well as many nurse faculty and administrative positions with colleges and nursing schools.

Our DNP graduates obtain executive nursing and nursing education positions such as:

  • Chief Nursing Officer
  • Chief Operating Officer
  • Vice president of nursing
  • Director of Education and Professional Development
  • Faculty and administrative positions at many colleges and nursing schools
This is a sampling of businesses and institutions that have recently employed Carlow University DNP graduates:
  • Geisinger Healthcare System
  • Allegheny Health Network
  • Cigna Healthcare
  • UPMC Healthcare
  • UPMC Schools of Nursing
  • Carlow University
  • Duquesne University
  • Westmoreland Community College
  • Community College of Allegheny County
  • Malone University Ohio

What are Graduates Saying?

"My DNP student experience at Carlow was rewarding. The program aligned with my professional work and I was able to apply things I learned immediately and in a practical manner. The faculty genuinely wanted my classmates and me to succeed. They were available by email or phone and always responded quickly. The hybrid online and live/Skype classes helped me. I completed my MSN in a traditional brick and mortar program, this format helped me with the transition to student after many years. My DNP journey at Carlow was very rewarding. I would recommend the program to anyone." - Gale Shalongo, '19

"My experience as a Carlow DNP student was amazing! The entire faculty was very supportive and encouraging! The biggest transformation for me during this program was related to how important it is to perform scholarly work and then share this knowledge with others. As a nursing leader, the Carlow DNP program helped me to develop new leadership skills related to research, global thinking, and the importance of population health. The DNP program has prepared me as a nursing leader to take the next step in my nursing journey wherever that may be." - Heather Rizzo, '19

Student Spotlight

Karen Coyne has been chosen to participate in the Jewish Healthcare Foundation Patient Safety Fellowship for 2019. The Patient Safety Fellowship prepares recent and current graduate students to apply emerging methods and strategies in implementation science, team-based problem-solving, and continuous quality improvement for healthcare settings. The Fellowship is a program of the Jewish Healthcare Foundation (JHF), Pittsburgh Regional Health initiative (PRHI) and Health Careers Futures. This year’s Fellows have the unique opportunity to work with the newly identified Pennsylvania Perinatal Quality Collaborative members to analyze processes and identify contextual factors that impact the application, spread, and sustainability of their comprehensive perinatal programs in the Commonwealth. 

Coyne is currently a Doctorate of Nursing (DNP) student at Carlow University, where her scholarly project focuses on the relationship of emotional intelligence and medical condition regard of nurses caring for pregnant women with substance use disorder. As a member of UPMC St. Margaret School of Nursing’s faculty, she brings her passion for maternal care to the classroom and clinical settings.

Now is the time to pursue your DNP

In 2004, the AACN recommended that graduate education in nursing be advanced to a doctoral level. Consequently, in 2015, an AACN task force published a white paper reporting on the implementation of the DNP and recommendations regarding graduate education, distinguishing the importance of the DNP as a practice-focused program, rather than a research-focused program. Learn more by reviewing the report from the Task Force on the implementation of the DNP.

Program Requirements

In this unique, 30-credit degree program, students take two to three courses per term. Six credits (of the 30 required) of electives will be chosen from a variety of graduate-level courses which enhance or support the student's area of scholarly inquiry. Students have the opportunity to meet and collaborate with faculty and peers in a synchronous format on two Saturdays throughout the semester. Other coursework is facilitated online. At the completion of the program, all Carlow DNP scholarly inquiry projects are archived in a digital repository.

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The DNP Academic Experience

As a DNP student, you will work with faculty, a committee chair, a statistician, and other academic support services to design and conduct a scholarly project. Clinical practice will be completed through immersion in systems leadership. 

For more information about coursework, review the full DNP plan of study, or read on for a sampling of notable courses from the DNP program.



Notable Courses


NU811 Evidence Based Quality Improvement 
This Doctoral Level Nursing course is the foundation for designing, conducting, and analyzing evidence-based quality improvement (EBQI) and intervention studies to improve health care quality, safety, costs and health outcomes. Students will learn advanced strategies to navigate through databases to find and appraise relevant internal and external evidence. Problem prevalence, significance, translatability and passion to conduct a scientifically rigorous study or impactful EBQI project is emphasized.

NU831 Interdisciplinary Leadership for Practice Excellence
This Doctoral Level nursing course examines theories/strategies from various disciplines (e.g., nursing, organizational sciences and economics) for the management and allocation of resources and sustainability for care delivery. Prepares nurse leaders to design, implement, and evaluate models and programs of care to meet population or system needs ranging from small practices to large integrated health care delivery systems. Key themes throughout the course include management of quality, work processes, and assessment of clinical resources from managerial and economic perspectives.

NU814 Population Health 
This Doctoral Level nursing course relates to health promotion for populations. Public health concepts and system-level population determinants of health are examined; strategies are analyzed and developed. Students examine epidemiological concepts and design strategies to address population health trends.

This is just a small sample of the variety of classes you'll be taking. For more details about these classes, and more, please visit the Course Catalog section of our website or request more information to hear from an Admissions Counselor.

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