Study Abroad 

Clarissa Moore

I never imagined that I’d feel so at home thousands of miles away from Pittsburgh. I quickly learned that friendship goes beyond cultural or language barriers. I’m so grateful for the experiences I had living and studying abroad. -- Clarissa Moore, study abroad student to Budapest, Hungary 

Service Learning

Courtney Claar, Service Learning Student

I think the most valuable lesson I learned throughout these experiences was how to really think outside of myself, open my eyes to the struggles of others, accept my privileges and utilize those to make a difference. It's very empowering to understand that you can make a difference, even on a singular level. Service learning courses really taught me how to use my strengths to make a positive change in the world. -- Courtney Claar, service learning student

Scholarship Day/Undergraduate Research

Students worked on an accounting exhibit titled "Balancing the Books: Accounting and Art." The students researched controversial issues in accounting/finance and wrote research papers on their topics. Then they had the option of portraying their work in some form of “artistic expression.”

Corporate Social Responsibility by Dawn Gillespie

Corporate Social Responsibility by Dawn Gillespie 

Yousef Mohammad, Song Variation

Yousef Mohammad
Project Title: Song Variation in a Population of Gray Thrasher in the Zacatitos Region of Baja California Sur
Yousef has been examining and describing the vocal structure and quantifying variation in a species of bird that is endemic to the desert regions of Baja Mexico. There is very little known about this species so this work will provide the scientific community with the first detailed description of vocalization variation in this species. Yousef will be presenting the results of his study at several scientific meetings in 2019.