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It’s tough to tell MBA programs apart these days. Almost every university offers one—along with concentrations that give students the chance to do a deeper dive into specialized areas. 

And what exactly do most MBA students learn? They figure out how to crunch numbers, strategize, and analyze data. Some strengthen their soft skill set, becoming more proficient at communication, team-building, and collaboration. A few get to participate in international residencies.

Carlow’s MBA offers more than that: it is values-driven. That means Carlow graduates have a competitive edge others don’t have. And employers who hire Carlow MBAs have a distinct advantage in their own positioning.

Carlow MBAs learn that treating people with dignity matters in business. Ethical leadership is no longer optional. Respect for employees will pay big dividends. 

Carlow MBAs know how to crunch those numbers. Build those spreadsheets. Analyze that data. And create and implement strategies that work. They are good communicators and even better team builders. Their work ethic is second to none.

But Carlow MBAs have something more. A values-driven mindset and attitude that make it possible for them to see business through a lens of ethical behavior, social justice, and meaningful impact. A belief that companies must have purpose beyond the bottom line—and that having purpose is also good for improving that bottom line. 

Carlow's Values-Driven MBA. Meaningfully Different.

Our new Special Graduate Certificate is available in our Human Resources, Project Management, Healthcare Management MBA tracks, plus Cyber Threat Research and Analytics and Fraud and Forensics

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Carlow Stories: Enrique Mu
"You need to look for interesting opportunities. Meet people you might never have met. Do things you wouldn't usually do. Otherwise, nothing new will ever happen."


Maria Graziani, MBA Alumna
"Carlow puts a strong emphasis on supporting women business owners. That was inspiring for me to see."


Diana Nsemo, MBA Alumna

“I feel so empowered. My horizons have been broadened, and I feel like I can do anything. I recommend that everyone get an MBA from Carlow!”

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