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Innovations in Workforce Development

Dr. Jim Ice -

Our simple goal is to provide useful information and practical ideas for you to consider about how to influence the capability and accountability of today's - and tomorrow's - workforce.

Welcome to this new blog. It will offer support for the unique challenges of professionals who are interested in advancing the capabilities of their workforce within the rapidly evolving knowledge economy. These interests may arise from accountabilities for workforce development within a company (i.e., business leaders, human resource professionals, managers); within a community (i.e., non-profit leaders, advocacy workers, government leaders), or among individuals who are interested in advancing a career by understanding the trends in the work marketplace.     

Today's rapidly changing knowledge economy demands a workforce committed to "lifelong learners" to enable them to become "lifelong earners." Workforce development in today's dynamic environment must demonstrate the agility required to meet the changing workforce capability needs. Historically, agility has not been the strong suit of workforce development initiatives.  Many companies and educational institutions continue to use models of education and training that were designed for a time long past, when we did not have the advantages and expectations of today's highly connected and instant society. We need to explore new methods - while not losing the richness of understanding and experience that comes from what history has taught us. Taking everything "online" is not the answer to the complex challenges of developing the cognitive, affective and psycho-motor skills needed to compete in the knowledge economy. But it definitively is a tool that must be exploited as part of our strategy. Too often we jump on the newest and shiniest approach, only to find it fail because we did not have the core objectives and expectations clearly defined.  

Workforce development today requires not only the ability to gaze into the crystal ball to identify what is coming down the road, but the discipline and business sense to know when to invest and when to wait. This blog is designed to help you consider some new ideas, revisit some old ones and to help you make better decisions about what actions to take to impact the development of the workforce.

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About the Author: Dr. Ice serves as the Dean of the College of Professional Studies at Carlow University. For more than 30 years, he’s served as an advisor to global business leaders on issues of talent strategy, workforce alignment, strategic planning, employee engagement, change leadership, building learning organizations and equipping leaders for success.
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