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Adult learners, their careers, and personal well-being

Dr. Jim Ice -

Our simple goal is to provide practical ideas for you to consider about how to build a life characterized by well-being across every aspect of your life: career, family, finances, education, social, charitable and spiritual.

Welcome to this new blog. It will offer support for the unique challenges of individuals who are balancing the challenge of keeping themselves current and marketable within the rapidly evolving knowledge economy within the demands of their busy lives. 

Todays' rapidly changing knowledge economy demands that we become "lifelong learners" if we hope to be "lifelong earners." It calls us to adapt - and adapt quickly - to evolving technology, ever increasing floods of data and the changing expectations of the marketplace.  Gone are the jobs that are the same day after day. To be effective today, we must keep our eyes on the horizon and prepare, as best we can, for what will appear next. This calls for us to be committed to retooling ourselves and our capabilities to meet the new workforce demands. Those who do not demonstrate a commitment to continual learning will be left behind in dead end jobs that lack challenge and excitement - if there is a job at all.

But how can we commit ourselves to continual learning while balancing the demands of our everyday lives? We have families (children and parents) that must be cared for, mortgages and rent that must be paid, social causes that require our time, and jobs that demand we be "on the clock" 24/7. There is never enough time in a day to get everything done - let alone invest in the time required to retool and upgrade our competencies. Steven Covey, author of "The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People," called it "taking the time to sharpen the saw," recognizing that although it takes time to stop and sharpen the saw, the investment is worth it in the long run as the sharpened saw has a greater ability to produce at a much higher level.    

This blog is designed to help you balance that load. Every article will be written by an expert in his or her field to assist you with the challenges of investing in yourself while balancing the rest of life that swirls around you. Our blogs will focus on a variety of topics from career advice to helping to manage finances to building relationships - all within the context of helping you "sharpen your saw." 

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About the Author: Dr. Ice serves as the Dean of the College of Professional Studies at Carlow University. For more than 30 years, he's served as an advisor to global business leaders on issues of talent strategy, workforce alignment, strategic planning, employee engagement, change leadership, building learning organizations and equipping leaders for success.
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