2018 Laureate: Sherry Konick Hoback

Andrew Wilson -

Sherry Hoback, MBA, BSN, RN, LNC, CEO

There is no limit to what can be accomplished with a nursing degree. Just ask Sherry Konick Hoback, one of the 2018 Carlow Laureates.

Hoback is the president and chief executive officer of Tampa Family Health Centers, Inc., the second largest not for profit federally qualified healthcare center in Florida, and among the top seven percent in the nation. She says she got the first hint of future success during her education at Carlow University.

“During my time at Carlow, I was a part of something bigger. You could sense it in everything we did,” says Hoback. “From lectures to volunteering to professional development, Carlow created a world where we could challenge ourselves, think outside the box, always ask ‘why?’, and collaborate with some of the best minds in our field of study.”

She credits this period for giving her the foundation she needed to tackle some of the challenges she faces in healthcare today.

“I have carried this mindset with me all throughout my career, sharing with others that my mission is to grow the next generation of healthcare leaders,” she says. “We must accomplish this by thinking outside the box.”

In addition to being CEO at Tampa Family Health Centers, Hoback also serves on the board for Healthy Start and Health Choice Accountable Care Organization, and is co-author of Report Writing and Case Analysis and LNC Essentials.

“Take advantage of this time to become the most amazing version of yourself,” she offers to current and prospective students. “Think of college as an incubation period, where you can develop your character. You are never going to have as many resources, like-minded peers, free hours, and opportunities as you do in college. Take advantage of every one of them, and fondly cherish these times.”

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