Career Goal? Go For It

Loretta Ellis graduated in May with a degree in psychology.

When Loretta Ellis received her diploma on the graduation stage, she savored the moment. She looks forward to taking her career to the next level—and at age 59 even further.

Loretta aspires to counsel young people on their life goals and careers. She is building upon her work experience as a public school employee, where she guided high school students to write college applications, financial aid forms, and essays for program applications.

“There were a few students I encountered along the way at Carlow whom I mentored and helped with their financial aid process and their application to go here,” she recalls. “It was a journey, and some students actually came along the way with me!”

Adult students make up about one-third of Carlow’s student population. Many of them transfer credits from past educational programs or take advantage of Prior Learning Credit Assessment to receive credit for life experiences.

“Carlow takes you outside the box. The faculty allow life experiences to become a part of your learning experiences,” she says.

Loretta earned her first college credits years ago from Carlow and Community College of Allegheny County. Four years ago, she set her mind to finishing a Bachelor of Arts in Psychology. She had her diploma in hand in May 2017.

“I had some of the best psychology instructors. Patricia Jameson, for example, provided a lot of supplemental reading to enhance your understanding of the material. Because I'm so thirsty like that, I took advantage of it,” she says.

Her degree will allow her to advance a career in counseling. She desires to go even further, and has been accepted in the Master of Science in Professional Counseling program at Carlow.

She adds: “I feel inspired to complete a master’s degree, and Professor Jameson believes I can. At Carlow, many people see me—for me—and that has helped me grow into a more powerful woman that will be great for the workforce.

Learn more about the undergraduate and graduate programs available through Carlow's Psychology Department.

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