Teaching Assistantships for First-Year Writing 

Beginning January 2017, two Carlow MFA students will have the opportunity to teach first-year writing to Carlow undergraduates. Each student will teach one section of either SKW 100 or SKW 101, Carlow's first-year writing course. This will provide invaluable teaching experience for MFA students who aspire to teach at the college level. Roberta Foizey, Director of First-Year Writing, will help mentor the MFA teaching assistants.

Eligibility: All currently enrolled Carlow MFA students are eligible to apply. In January 2017, we anticipate having two teaching sections available: one on Carlow's campus (for MFA students who live within commuting distance of Carlow) and one online section (open to any MFA student regardless of geographic location). Teaching assistants will be chosen by a committee consisting of MFA Director Kevin Haworth, English Department Chair Lou Boyle, and Director of First-Year Writing Roberta Foizey. Interested students should email Kevin (khaworth@carlow.edu). A follow-up email will be sent with application procedures by September 1. Applications will be due October 1.

Tuition Credit: The GA will receive $2956 in credit toward that semester's tuition. (The rate is based on adjunct pay for a 4-credit course. The TA is thus compensated at a rate equal to all Carlow adjuncts who teach SKW 100 or 101, a 4 credit course.)

Term: One semester. The TA positions are designed to be rotating positions, to maximize the number of students that have the opportunity to participate in this project. If more than two sections per semester are available via the English Department, more students will be selected to participate, or students will have the opportunity to teach for multiple semesters.

Graduate Assistantship for Residency Planning

Beginning August 2016, the MFA program will offer one student the opportunity to serve as a Graduate Assistant with a primary focus on helping to plan and execute the January residency in Pittsburgh, with a secondary focus on the June residency in Ireland. The GA will work with invited visiting writers, help to plan residency programming, and help plan and assist with all aspects of the student experience. The time commitment is expected to be 6-8 hours per week during the semester. The GA is also expected to be 'on duty' during the January residency and participate in all residency activities. This position is ideal for a student to learn how to plan literary conferences, reading series, and other literary community activities.

Eligibility: Students in the manuscript phase of the program. (Since being a GA would interfere with a student's ability to complete his/her residency, only students who have completed all four residencies can serve in this GA position.)

Tuition Credit: The GA will receive $2217 in credit toward that semester's tuition. (The rate is based on adjunct pay for a 3-credit course. The GA is thus compensated at a rate equal to all adjuncts who teach a 3 credit course for Carlow.)

Term: One semester, renewable at the director's discretion.