EDML-424 : Middle Level English/Language Arts Student Teaching

Academic Level:
Education Middle Level
6 - 12

Student teachers/teacher candidates are placed in a middle level (grades four-eight) classroom for eight weeks for a dual concentration or 16 weeks for a single concentration. The mentor teachers at the school oversee the daily experiences of the student teachers. Student teachers will be observed daily by the mentor teacher and weekly by the University mentor/supervisor. The University mentor will meet with the mentor teacher to discuss the direction of the student teaching experience and the progress of the individual student teacher. The director of student teaching will hold bi-weekly seminars at the University. The seminar is designed as an ongoing dialogue focusing on various aspects of the student teaching experience and together in one group for the first hour, and then meets in small groups with their university mentors for the second hour. Seminar topics may include lessons and unit planning, classroom organization and management, teaching strategies, evaluation processes, communication skills, writing resumes, certification requirements, job interviews, preparation of a portfolio, and reflective teaching that supports the final presentation at the Celebration of Teaching held at the end of the semester. 6 credits or 12 credits PREREQUISITES: COMPLETION OF ALL MIDDLE LEVEL EDUCATION CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS WITH A MINIMUM GPA OF 3.0. NOTE: NO OTHER COURSES MAY BE TAKEN WHILE A STUDENT IS REGISTERED FOR STUDENT TEACHING WITHOUT SPECIAL PERMISSION OF THE CHAIR OF MIDDLE LEVEL EDUCATION.