EDML-321SL : Reading and Social Studies Methods

Academic Level:
Education Middle Level

This course is the foundational basis for teaching reading and literacy development in the middle level classroom, grades four-eight. Current theory, research, and techniques are integrated with valid traditional views of teaching reading to a diverse population of children and their needs. Views of the process of reading, emergent literacy, syntax and semantics, fluency, major approaches and materials for teaching reading, writing, speaking, assessment of students, classroom organization, communication with parents, and integrating computer technology are addressed. Specific skills in teaching phonemic awareness, phonics, reading fluency, and direct, explicit comprehension instruction are emphasized. In addition, learning theory relevant to assessment and intervention in student learning is included in class and implemented in the field experience. Pre-service teachers will develop a philosophy that encompasses all the major components of reading instruction to ensure literacy for all children. Students will also gain knowledge of social studies methodology at the middle level, grades four-eight. They will develop an understanding of Pennsylvania and national social studies standards and their relationship to instruction and assessment. Learners will create a framework for learning units and projects that are student-centered investigations into historical events, government, civic, geographic and economic features, and the current social environment in which they live. A multicultural perspective will help participants develop culturally relevant pedagogy in the teaching of social studies. A focus on current research and practice in urban education will prepare teachers to become leaders in urban education and school reform. 3 credits + 15 hour field placement. FULFILLS SERVICE-LEARNING REQUIREMENT. PREREQUISITES: ED 200, ED 282.