EC-401SL : Professional Communities of Practice

Academic Level:
Early Childhood Education

This course has been designed to facilitate the students' identities as scholar/practitioner professionals in the field of early childhood education and so that students can engage in professional communities of practice. This is also a Service-Learning course. At Carlow, service-learning is discipline-based and contains a set of organized community-based learning activities through which students have direct, hands-on learning while responding to community needs. Service-learning courses provide structured opportunities for students to connect their service activities to course content through reflection. Reflection includes an examination of one's personal connection to service in light of the Mercy mission. Students will work with their county's community liaison from the Education for Children & Young Experiencing Homelessness (ECYEH) organization. The community liaison will identify homeless shelters in the Pittsburgh area that participate in Together Time; an interactive, activity-based learning program that strengthens relationships between parents and young children as they play and learn together and provides essential skills for future academic and social success. 15 hours of service-learning is required. 3 credits PREREQUISITES: EC 200, EC 201, EC 207, AND EC 307.