BIO-303 : Middle School Science - I Taxonomy, Classification and the Hierarchy of Life

Academic Level:

A set of two courses designed to promote science teaching competency by exposing prospective middle school teachers to a wide variety of topics and biological systems. Students will acquire the skills, knowledge, and attitude that will enable them to teach "good science" in their classrooms. The course will take advantage of the fact that students have inquiring minds and encourage them to look for the cause and effect of events happening in the world around them by examining, exploring, and questioning the cause and effect relationship of structure and function in the living world. The course will increase teaching skills and knowledge related to science instruction for the middle school grades. Through lecture and investigation of the life sciences, education majors will acquire knowledge in science, increase their skills in using science as a process, and develop a positive attitude toward science. The course will also stress how to design, execute, and evaluate science lessons that are appropriate for expanding and refining the middle school student's understanding of themselves and their world. This course directly addresses the five guidelines established for courses in the Division of Natural Sciences. 4 credits each OPEN ONLY TO EDUCATION MAJORS. TOGETHER THESE COURSES FULFILL THE NATURAL SCIENCES LAI REQUIREMENT.