EC-407 : Pre-School and Primary Student Teaching And Seminar

Academic Level:
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education

This course will provide opportunities for experience, discussion, and reflection on issues related to positive classroom environment; behavior support; building relationships; managing time; planning and preparation; assessment for planning; integrating the curriculum; instructional delivery; teaching to diverse learners; collaborative teachers and collaborative children; and developmentally appropriate practices. The child will be recognized as the learner and the learning community will be the classroom, the school, the family, the community, and professionalism. Evaluation of student teaching in early childhood education, both preprimary and primary, will be conducted by examining attendance and class participation; lesson plans, unit plans and teachable moments; weekly reflective logs; student teaching portfolios; midpoint and final evaluations of each site mentor teacher; and weekly observations and interactive meetings between college supervisor/mentor and student. Midpoint and final evaluations will use the PDE 430 form. 12 credits (6 credits for each placement) PREREQUISITES: COMPLETION OF ALL EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS WITH A MINIMUM GPA OF 3.0. NOTE: NO OTHER COURSES MAY BE TAKEN WHILE A STUDENT IS REGISTERED FOR EC 406/EC 407 WITHOUT SPECIAL PERMISSION OF THE CHAIR OF EARLY CHILDHOOD EDUCATION PROGRAM.