PCS-224 : General Physics II Labwith Calculus

Academic Level:

A workshop where students will get firsthand knowledge of physical principles and experimental methods through the use of apparatus designed to demonstrate the meaning and applications of these principles. The topics that are explored in physics laboratory are complimentary to the material covered in lecture, and the experiments are illustrative of the concepts discussed in the lectures. First semester topics include classical mechanics, heat, and thermodynamics, while second semester topics include wave motion, sound, electrodynamics, light, and quantum theory. 1 credit each FULFILLS NATURAL SCIENCES LAI AND SKILLS INTEGRATION REQUIREMENTS WHEN TAKEN IN CONJUNCTION WITH THE ACCOMPANYING LECTURE COURSES. PRE- OR COREQUISITE: MAT 152 OR MAT 160. PCS 221 IS A COREQUISITE FOR PCS 223 AND PCS 222 IS A COREQUISITE FOR PCS 224. PCS 223 IS A PREREQUISITE FOR PCS 224.