SPED-470 : Meeting the Learning Needs of Students With Mild/Moderate Disabilities

This course is designed to support special education teacher candidate mastery of the range of instructional approaches available for teaching students with mild to moderate disabilities in today's classrooms, including specialized strategies for the teaching of reading, written language, mathematics, and social skills. The course addresses the special educator's role in the continuum of classroom settings and the teaching methods utilized with this population. Teacher candidates explore the conceptual frameworks required by teachers as they identify student ability levels and learning styles and plan for appropriate instruction for all learners. Adaptation of existing educational materials and curriculum are often required to implement a successful program. Universal design for learning and instruction is an integral part of this course. Teacher candidates will learn to utilize current research and evidence-based practices that are used in the education of students with mild/moderate disabilities. They will learn strategies from multiple instructional approaches. They will learn to use principles of instructional design that will permit them to address Pennsylvania state standards and assessment anchor content standards in the classrooms in which they teach that will meet students' IEP goals and objectives. 3 credits PREREQUISITES: SPED 230, SPED 332, SPED 334 OR SPED 336, SPED 451.