EC-307 : Curriculum and Methods for Early Childhood Education With Practicum

Academic Level:
Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education

This course will be based on principles of child development, including understanding how children learn from birth to 9 years, and focusing on all the domains of the child's development. The course hinges on an understanding of how children grow and develop socially, emotionally, morally, cognitively, aesthetically, physically, in language, and as part of their families and communities. Five effective models for early childhood classrooms will be examined. The theoretical foundation for the course is rooted in child development theory, multiple intelligences, and contemporary neuroscience. Formal and informal assessment strategies will be a part of diversification of curriculum and instruction. The course requires a 40 hour practicum experience. 3 credits PREREQUISITES: EC 200, EC 201, EC 207 AND EC 318.