SPED-451 : Assessment in Special Education

This course is designed to familiarize teacher candidates with the many ways in which assessment accompanies instruction in the classrooms of today. A strong emphasis is placed on linking assessment with planning for instruction and developing Individual Education Plans for students identified as eligible for special education services. Students will learn to identify, choose, and administer appropriate assessment measures, both formal and informal, in the classroom and for identification of disabilities in students. Emphasis is placed on developing the understanding necessary to interpret assessment data and to use that information to plan instruction for students in a standards-aligned system. Among the specific topics covered are progress monitoring and its relationship to response-to-intervention in the general education classroom, functional behavioral assessment and its relationship to behavioral intervention plans, and issues of assessment with children from culturally and linguistically diverse communities. 3 credits PREREQUISITES: SPED 230, SPED 332, AND SPED 334 OR SPED 336.