ED-715 : Thesis/Research Project

Academic Level:
1 - 6

The master's thesis is a research study or project that contributes to the theory and practice of education in the candidate's field of study. The thesis is carried out under the direction of a research director according to the guidelines established by the School of Education. During this course, candidates will develop a thesis proposal, seek approval from the thesis committee and Carlow University IRB committee, implement the thesis study or project, and write a final thesis report. The thesis proposal includes a problem statement, review of the literature, and method section outlining the thesis plan. The thesis report includes the problem statement, a review of the literature, the methodology, the results of findings, and a discussion of the findings. Guidelines for writing the thesis proposal and the thesis report are found in the thesis guide. Capstone experience, typically taken at the end of the program. Prerequisite: ED 714. 3 credits