A Conversation With Elaine Brown

Elaine Brown

Throughout the last four decades, Elaine has organized significant efforts toward effecting progressive change in the United States. In addition to Black Panther Party leadership, which included editing the Party’s news organ, running for public office in Oakland (1973 and 1975), and leading the Party (1974-1977) as its Chairman, since that time Elaine has actively worked for such social change through to today. Much of her recent work has been focused on radical reform of the criminal justice system and related efforts. In this regard, Elaine has authored and edited books about the plight of prisoners and the injustices in the criminal justice and prison systems, published numerous articles and newsletters in support of prison reform, and lectured widely at colleges and universities. Elaine is quoted as a reliable source and expert on the criminal justice system and considered a noted advocate for its radical reform.

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