CDLI (Center for Digital Learning and Innovation)


Our services and technologies:

Our Center for Digital Learning and Innovation assists with instructional design, learning technologies, multimedia, accessibility, and copyright needs.

  • Designing and developing online courses since 1997
  • Full-service instructional design
  • Comprehensive educational technology support
  • Multimedia services
  • Copyright and accessibility assistance
  • Extensive quality assurance services

Carlow's online courses are developed by faculty and instructional designers and learning technology specialists who understand the specific needs of learners in an online environment. Our process in developing quality and engaging online courses can be credited to advanced course planning and settings expectations in the online classroom.


Caroline Silver

Caroline helps support faculty and students in their use of learning technology, specifically helping faculty prepare their classes for online use using our technology tools. Caroline earned her MS in Education in Instructional Technology from Duquesne University. What really drives Caroline is her dream of helping others understand more - about everything. She loves her job because it gives her the opportunity to help faculty use the power of technology to focus their lessons so that students learn better. Her passion for understanding extends into all areas of her life, as Caroline is currently enrolled in Carlow's Masters in Professional Counseling program. Her large family (8 children and even more grandchildren) support Caroline in her work.

Scott Mehall

Scott started working at Carlow University in November, 2015. As a Senior Instructional Designer, he works with faculty to plan and build new courses, create engaging learning opportunities, and assist in faculty training for best practices in online education. As Workforce Development Coordinator, Scott works with the Carlow HUB for Workforce Development to pursue innovative educational partnerships aimed at upskilling the region’s workforce. 

Dr. Jessica Nowacki

Dr. Jessica Nowacki is a Learning Technology Specialist in the Center for Digital Learning and Innovation. She has a passion for digital Humanities, and creating user-friendly educational technology documentation and delivering technology training. In her spare time, she enjoys reading a good book with a nice cup of tea, knitting hats and sweaters, and learning how to play fingerstyle guitar.

Anna Mihalega

Anna Mihalega provides instructional technology support to the Carlow community. She earned a Bachelor of Arts in history from The College of Wooster, a Master of Arts in Popular Culture from Bowling Green State University, and a Masters of Library and Information Sciences from the University of Pittsburgh.  Before coming to Carlow, she had taught undergraduate popular culture courses, worked as a digital production library for the Historic Pittsburgh project, and was a reference and instruction librarian at area universities.

David Harpine

David is an Instructional Designer with CDLI at Carlow University.  He received his Master's in Education from the University of South Carolina - Aiken and his Bachelor's in Education from The University of Akron.  Currently he develops courses in Celtic Online, builds Storyline Modules and creates how to documentation for students and faculty.

Rachael Afolabi Royes

Rachael Afolabi Royes is an instructional designer, user experience and web designer currently serving as the the Dean of Online and Digital Learning, and Workforce Development Lead at Carlow University. Rachael's background is in corporate training and implementation. Rachael leads the Online and Digital Learning Division at Carlow University, managing programs and keeping up with trends in the digital learning field.