Behavior + Biology

Studying the behavior of living creatures has long been a matter of observation and extrapolation. While still maintaining objectivity, the discipline of behavioral psychology lacked the same objective data as other sciences. But significant advancements in biology have given new insights to how the mind works because neuroscientists now understand more about how the brain works.

Neuroscience is the nexus of two distinct disciplines: psychology and biology. Students in the Behavioral Neuroscience program at Carlow University will combine behavioral psychology studies with a solid understanding of the biological mechanisms of the nervous system.

It Just Makes Sense

Carlow offers a unique neuroscience education, one that is hands-on and learner-centered, that embraces a high-touch approach, that employs high impact educational practices (labs, internships, and field work), and that takes advantage of Carlow’s relationships with nearby research centers.

Carlow University offers two distinct paths in the neuroscience discipline: a neuroscience concentration and a neuropsychology concentration.


If you’re interested in psychology but have a particular fascination with the biology of the brain, the Neuroscience Concentration is right for you. Carlow is uniquely situated in the “Eds, Meds & Tech” corridor and enjoys strong connections to local hospitals and laboratories. Graduates are well-prepared for careers in medicine and research.


You want to be a counselor or behaviorist, but you would also like to learn more about the biological sciences, then the Neuropsychology Concentration might be what you need. Carlow has a psychology faculty like none other, with in-house counseling tracks and a broad focus on social justice. Neuropsychology graduates frequently find success in counseling and behavioral research settings.