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    Work-Study is a federally funded program that provides jobs for degree-seeking undergraduate students who need financial aid to help pay educational expenses. Students are paid monthly, at least at the current federal minimum wage, and are encouraged to put their earnings toward their account balance.

    To apply for Work-Study, complete the FAFSA and submit any documents that may be requested by the Carlow Financial Aid Office. Funding is limited, so file your FAFSA as early as possible. 

    If you're a Carlow student and would like more information, please visit Work-Study on myPortal [Carlow login required].

    Work-Study FAQs

    In order to participate in the Federal Work-Study Program at Carlow University, Federal Work-Study must appear on your Financial Aid Award Letter. If you have any questions regarding your Work-Study Award, please call the Financial Aid Office [in the Student Hub] at 412.578.6389.

    Who must complete a Work-Study Packet?    
    All new and returning work-study students accepting work-study must complete the Packet.

    How do I search for On-Campus Work-Study Employment?

    1) Go to Work-Study on MyPortal [Carlow login required] to view work-study positions available.

    2) Contact the job listing's Department Supervisors to request an interview (personal or telephone).

    3) Once hired, complete the Work-Study packet [available on MyPortal - Carlow login required]. Return completed packet to Financial Aid.

    How do I apply for Work-Study employment?

    Complete the Work-Study packet [available on MyPortal - Carlow login required] and return packet to Financial Aid. Contact Financial Aid Office for more information (located in the Student Hub, Antonian Hall, 2nd Floor, 412.578.6389).

    When can I start work-study employment? 

    You must have Financial Aid, Student Accounts and Work-Study Office clearance as well as a completed Work-Study Packet. Incomplete forms or missing documents will prohibit you from working. Once you have been approved for employment and confirmed for classes, you may start your Work-Study anytime after Labor Day.

    How many hours am I permitted to work?

    The Work-Study amount listed on your Financial Aid award letter determines how many hours you may work. When you have returned your completed Work-Study Packet along with your Employment Interview/Hire Form, your employer will be notified of your hours. You and your employer will determine the days and times you will work based on your class schedule. If you have questions regarding your hours, wages or any aspect of the Work-Study Program, contact the Financial Aid Office in the Student Hub, 412.578.6481 or halterleinjc@carlow.edu.

    When do I receive my work-study earnings? How do I receive my work-study earnings?

    Work-Study students are paid the last day of every month by paycheck or direct deposit.

    • Dorm students: Paycheck/direct deposit voucher will be placed in your campus mailbox
    • Commuting students and off-campus residents: Paycheck/direct deposit voucher may be picked up at the campus mailroom—you must show your Carlow ID and sign for your wages.

    Please consider the convenience of having your wages directly deposited into an account you specify (checking or savings).

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