Women's and Gender Studies Minor

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    The Women’s and Gender Studies program offers an introductory course, a course in feminist theory, and a course in global perspectives. If you would like to minor in Women’s and Gender Studies, you should first enroll in level one courses, in the order in which they appear below, before moving on to level two courses, which are cross-listed in various departments and programs. The Women’s and Gender Studies program requests that the two cross-listed courses not be from the same discipline/department and that you also complete one Women’s and Gender Studies elective. Under this structure, the total credits needed for the minor in Women’s and Gender Studies is 18. 

    Level 1: Required Core Women’s and Gender Studies Courses:

    • WS 101: Introduction to Women’s and Gender Studies, 3 credits
    • WS/EN 233I: Visions of Social Change: Global Women’s Writing (CC 100, CC 101, and CC 102 are prerequisites for the course), 3 credits
    • WS 320: Feminist Theories, 3 credits

    Level 2: Required Cross-listed Women’s and Gender Studies Courses:

    Two cross-listed courses from different disciplines/fields total 6 credits

    Level 2: Required Women’s and Gender Studies Elective:

    One women’s and gender studies elective; this course can be a cross-listed course 3 credits