After You Return.... Now What?

The Center for Global Learning provides Carlow students who have recently returned from studying abroad with several events and means as ways to reconnect with their experience. These requirements are not only a fun way to share your new-found knowledge but they also make your Re-entry into the U.S. and back to Carlow easier, lessening the effects of reverse culture shock that can occur after studying abroad.

Once you have returned from studying abroad, you will be asked to participate/complete the following:

  • Presentation. You will be asked to give a short, informal presentation about your experiences. In the past this is consisted of making a poster and speaking briefly about your host country.=
  • Questionnaire. In order to improve our services to you and future students, we ask that you complete a returnee questionnaire about your study abroad program.
  • FYE & Study Abroad 101 Courses. We will ask you to sign up to speak very informally at one FYE Course and one Study Abroad 101 session. In this case, you will serve as a student perspective on studying abroad for other students.
  • Mentor Program. You will be asked to pair up with a prospective study abroad student in order to help them with the process as well as make connections. 
  • Orientation. You will be required to attend the Center for Global Learning’s Orientation at the beginning of the fall/spring semester. The purpose of the orientation is to reflect on your experience and decide what our office can do to help you use your new experience i.e. workshops specifically geared towards study abroad alum, etc. It will also give you a chance to meet other study abroad alumni and make valuable, meaningful connections.

By completing these items, you are not only helping future study abroad students, but you are also helping yourself reconnect and think about your experience.