• Art

    In Carlow University's Art Department, we offer a robust and flexible curriculum that provides students with strong foundational skills and allows for an in-depth exploration into a chosen area of concentration. All students take the foundational curriculum, led by accomplished professional faculty,


    Why Carlow? The accounting major leads to the Bachelor of Science degree. The curriculum integrates a strong accounting, business, technology, and liberal arts education with the requirements for application for various licenses, such as a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) as established by the


    WHY CARLOW? A Bachelor of Science in biology will prepare you for a wide range of exciting and innovative careers in research, medicine, health care, and beyond and provides you with a strong foundation for graduate course work. Ideal Location Carlow’s location in Pittsburgh’s medical and e


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    WHY CARLOW? Communication majors offer you a highly flexible curriculum that match the program to your goals. With a focus on creative thinking grounded in ethics, you'll study multiple disciplines, arming you with transferable knowledge and skills that are in demand now. "My decision to atte


    WHY CARLOW? Criminal justice is a major within the Justice Studies Department. The major is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the nature of crime and the effectiveness and fairness of society’s efforts to prevent and to control it. Students engage in a cross-disci

    Early Development and Learning

    WHY CARLOW? The Early Development and Learning program is a non-certification program that provides a bachelor’s degree in early learning and development. Students can complete this option if they are looking to work with young children in a context outside of a traditional elementary classroom s


    WHY CARLOW? The Carlow University English Department engages the intellects and imaginations of our students through the discovery and exploration of literature and language. Our courses range from topics such as Shakespeare, Chaucer, and Gothic fiction; to technical writing, memoir writing, and

    Forensic Accounting

    WHY CARLOW? Forensic accounting is the integration of accounting, auditing, and investigative skills. Forensic accounting includes litigation support and investigative accounting. These areas deal with issues related to the quantification of economic damages caused by employee theft, securities


    WHY CARLOW? The study of history and the skills developed in writing history provide a sound basis for positioning yourself in the increasingly competitive job markets of today and tomorrow, for your formal and informal education later in their lives, and, of course, during your college years. A

    Human Resource Management & Technology

    WHY CARLOW? Technology has changed, and continues to dramatically change, the human resource profession. However, HR departments are discovering that the technological skills and abilities of their employees are lacking, making it difficult for the HR function to harness new technology and put it t

    Information Technology Management (Minor)

    WHY CARLOW? The information technology management minor is a great addition to any major since information technology will be part of most careers of the future. You may pursue a minor in information technology management from any discipline if you have interest in this area. You must complete si

    Liberal Studies

    WHY CARLOW? A Bachelor of Arts degree in Liberal Studies provides an ideal major for the creative, independent student who is interested in an interdisciplinary focus. This major allows you to gain significant depth in two or more areas of study and, at the same time, to acquire the breadth that

    Health Management

    WHY CARLOW? Health care is a business and, like every business, good management is essential to keep it running efficiently. Medical and health service managers (also known as healthcare administrators) plan, direct, coordinate, and supervise the daily delivery of health care. This program provid


    WHY CARLOW? Mathematics is the science of patterns. The mathematician uses abstraction to describe the commonalities in the appearance of things all around us—in nature, buildings, the flight of a bird, the movement of the oceans, the lines of a poem, or the outcome of an election. Mathematics pr

    Nursing – Step Ahead Program

    The Step Ahead Program prepares you, as an academically qualified Carlow nursing major, to take a “step ahead” of your peers as you look toward your professional future that includes graduate education and advanced practice roles. If you qualify for this program, you will earn up to 10 master’s nurs

    Political Science

    WHY CARLOW Political science is the academic discipline that studies power and policy: how power is acquired; the challenges to retaining power; the impact of power on the relations between and among institutions and individuals in society; and the policies that result. Students who major

    Respiratory Care

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    Social Work

    WHY CARLOW? Social work is a unique profession rich with meaning, action, and the power to make a difference. Social workers help people; they provide direct services and work to promote social and economic justice.  At Carlow, we cultivate career-ready, ethical leaders. Social work has its ow

    Special Education Certification (PreK-8), (7-12)
    Women's and Gender Studies

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