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  • Am I First Year Freshman?

    Am I an Undergraduate First Year Freshman? 

    If you are currently in high school or looking to attend college for the first time and have graduated high school three years ago or less, you are an undergraduate first year freshman.

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  • Undergraduate First Year Freshman Aid at Carlow University

    Carlow. A small school for big thinkers. As a Carlow student, you will receive more individualized attention, more one-to-one time with professors, more opportunities to discuss issues with your peers, and more chances to make friends. 

    We understand. The cost of a quality college education—the kind you can get at Carlow University—is significant. That’s why we provide institutional financial aid to more than 90% of all our traditional undergraduate students.

    Sometimes the “sticker price” isn't always the bottom line of the cost of attending Carlow. What you want to know is how much will your education REALLY cost after taking financial aid into account, right? You can use our cost calculator to estimate your costs, or find out for sure by applying for financial aid or contacting our Financial Aid Office (in the Student Hub).

    The sections below will help you learn about the different types of financial aid options available to First Year Freshman Undergraduate students: