Theatre (Minor)

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  • 'Practice Monologamy VII' performance in Spring 2013
    One of the 10 "Practice Monologamy VII" performances in Spring 2013 

    Being a theatre minor allows you to combine your interests in creative arts, humanities, and social sciences. Through the synthesis of thinking, doing, and creative problem solving, you'll develop your mind, body, and imagination. By getting involved in the theatre department, you'll have a chance to help out putting on a production, from set-building to acting.

    The theatre minor requires a minimum of 18 credits including TR 103 and TR 205. The student and advisor will plan the program in accordance with the student’s interests. 

    Rosemary Heyl Theatre in Antonian Hall, our resident professional theater, produces seasons in partnership with the department and the Carlow University Theatre Group which offers Carlow students and the Pittsburgh community alike the opportunity to perform and work with other actors, directors, designers, and technicians.