This study abroad program focuses on London and Paris, the capitals of England and France respectively. Both cities hold a wealth of history and culture, breathtaking architecture and art, as well as renowned landmarks.

London is located on the River Thames in Southern England and has been a major settlement since its founding during the Roman Empire. There are four World Heritage Sites in London, which are the Tower of London; Kew Gardens which are comprised of the Palace of Westminster and Westminster Abbey, and St. Margaret's Church; and the settlement of Greenwich.

Paris, located in Northern France, is located on the River Seine and is a business and cultural center - offering the world much in the ways of art as well as history - Paris was at the center of the French Revolution. In the past, Paris was one of Europe's largest cities and even now is one of Europe's largest population centers.


Visit and explore London and Parisian museums and monuments and learn how they shaped each city. Excursions and sites visited in London include: London Eye, Stonehenge and Avesbury, British Museum, John Soanes House, National Gallery, Tate Modern and Walking tour of Westminster, and Buckingham Palace. Excursions and sites visited in Paris include: Seine Cruise, Eiffel Tower, Notre Dame, Louvre, Arc De Triomphe, Musee D'Orsay, and The Orangerie.

Program Dates

  • 10 Days in Late May 

Program Costs and Fees

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