System Requirements

  • Technical Specifications for Online Learners

    The following minimum specifications are recommended for learners enrolled in online courses and programs. For better performance, we strongly suggest exceeding these specifications.

    Internet Access 
    Internet access is required to participate in Carlow’s online learning environments. We strongly recommend a fixed-point high-speed connection (such as DSL, cable, FiOS) although satellite or mobile broadband (4G) may also be usable. Your connection speed should be at least 10 Mbps. Please note that WiFi connections may be problematic with media-rich content.

    Personal Computer

    • 2 GHz processor or faster
    • Windows Vista or Windows 7 operating system or Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) or newer
    • 2 GB of RAM or more

    To check machine specifications on PC:

    1. Right click on the (My) Computer icon located on your desktop or Start Menu.
    2. Select Properties.

     To check machine specifications on MAC:

    1. Click on the Apple Menu.
    2. Click About this MAC.
    • Graphics card and monitor capable of 1024x768 or greater resolution
    • Stereo sound card

    To check machine components on PC:  

    1. Click the Start Button and go to All Programs.
    2. Select Accessories, then System Tools, then click on "System Information".
    3. Expand the + symbol next to Components and look for Display and Sound Device.

    To check machine components on MAC:

    1. Click on System Preferences.
    2. Under Hardware, click on Displays or Sound.

    Additional Hardware

    • USB headset with microphone - required for programs or courses with synchronous (live) sessions
    • Webcam – required for MFF and Special Education. Other programs or courses may require; check program specific information.
    • Speakers may be desirable for viewing / listening to pre-recorded audio/video but are not recommended for synchronous (live) sessions

    Software and Applications 
    Registered Carlow students can get discounted prices on software (and other technology) through the Carlow Bookstore. Some vendors may require specific documentation.

    • Microsoft Office 2010. Since faculty members generally use the latest software provided by the campus, it is important to use Microsoft Office 2010. This allows the faculty member to open up and read documents submitted by the student.
      Note: Starting in Fall of 2013, registered Carlow students will be assigned a free Office 365 account which includes web-based versions of Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote.
    • Mozilla Firefox is the most compatible browser available for accessing Blackboard and most other sites for online programs. The most current version of the browser is available for both Mac and Windows by going to:

    Also be sure to install:

    Security Requirements 
    Students must ensure their computers are secure and free from virus and spyware to ensure the safe communication with classmates and instructors. Students should check their security ‘toolkit’ for updates on vendors’ recommended schedules (less than once a week but usually not more than once a day). The ‘toolkit’ should include: