As study abroad alum, you have acquired new and indispensable skills. Although your travels may be over for now, it is important to foster these skills and reconnect with your international experience. The Center for Global Learning holds workshops specifically for study abroad alumni. Look out for these useful workshops and programs.

This page also contains resources for those of you interested in furthering your international experience after your time at Carlow. Check out opportunities for careers in the field of study abroad and international education, volunteering abroad, and graduate school abroad!

Workshops we run:

  • Resume & Interview Workshop
    • Learn how to incorporate study abroad experience into resumes and interviews, resulting in effectively marketing yourself and the experience.
    • Topics include what to include in a resume, extracting the skills you gained from studying abroad, learning how to word those skills into a resume, what to bring up in an interview vs. what to avoid, and sample interview questions specific to study abroad
  • International Jobs Workshop
    • Interested in working overseas in your field? Learn how to format your resume/CV for an international employer and apply for international jobs from the U.S.

Opportunities to further your study abroad and international experience:

  • Careers in the field of international education
    You can search for jobs that deal directly with the fostering and marketing of international education. Some places to start your research in this field include:
    • NAFSA:
    • Study abroad offices (universities)
    • Study abroad third party provider companies & organizations
    • Embassies