As a High School Senior, You Should...

In September

  • Arrange a parent and guidance counselor conference to discuss your college planning strategy.
  • Maintain or improve academic grades during your senior year, as Carlow continually reviews applications for maximum scholarship opportunities!
  • Register to take or retake the ACTs or SATs on the first available date. Be sure to have the scores sent to Carlow.
In October-November
  • Finish filling out your application for Carlow and other schools.
  • Be sure to have official high school transcripts sent promptly to Carlow.
  • Take or retake the ACTs or SATs and have the scores sent to Carlow.
  • Apply for need-based state and/or federal financial aid by completing the FAFSA as soon as possible after January 1st. FAFSA's can be filed online. Follow the link to financial aid section of the website.
  • Meet with a Carlow admissions counselor at your high school or local college fair.
  • Visit Carlow and other schools, as each campus visit provides more perspective.
In December
  • If you have not already done so, consider sending your deposit to Carlow and making your college decision before the holiday rush. You can enjoy the rest of your senior year and spend the spring being proactive searching for scholarships and deciding how to pay for your education.
In January-February
  • The earlier you complete the FAFSA, the sooner you will receive your financial aid award from Carlow.
  • Come visit Carlow for an overnight program if you did not do so in the fall. Bring a friend!
For maximum consideration for admission and scholarships, Carlow strongly recommends you do the following by February 15:
  • Complete the application process
  • Make sure updated transcripts and/or SAT/ACT scores are received at Carlow
  • Apply for endowed and special scholarship opportunities
In March-June
  • If you have not already done so, file the FAFSA no later than May 1 for maximum financial aid consideration.
  • Watch for your financial aid package to arrive from Carlow. Be sure to sign and return it.
  • Look for more information on orientation, registration and housing.
  • Make plans to send your final high school transcript.
  • Don’t be left out. Remember to submit your deposit to ensure your place in the fall class and make plans to attend a testing and registration program where you have the opportunity to select your first semester of Carlow classes.

Carlow Codes
When you submit any of these forms, please include Carlow's codes:

ACT Code: 3638
SAT Code: 2421
FAFSA Code: 003303