Secondary Education Certification

  • Secondary education teachers are prepared to teach one or more content areas to students in grades 7 through 12, majoring in a content area: Biology, Chemistry, English, General Science (biology), Mathematics, Social Studies (history). As a teacher candidate, you are encouraged to prepare yourself in a second teaching area.

    Secondary Education Certification Sequence
    (Required in addition to content area major requirements)

    Course # Course Title Credits
    ED 200 Assessment Center 3
    ED 282 Learning Theory 3
    ED 307 Teaching English Language Learner, PK-12 3
    ED 370 Teaching and Professional Growth 1
    SPED 230 Foundations of Special Education 3
    SPED 336 Instructional Support for Content Area 7 - 12 3
    SPED 451 Assessment 3
    PY 206 Adolescent Psychology 3
    SE 311 Reading and Writing Across Disciplines 3
    SE 350 Secondary Curriculum and Methods 4
    SE 402 Field Experience in Secondary Education 1
    SE 409 Junior/Senior High School Student Teaching and Seminar 12

      Secondary education content areas:

     Full major requirements to be determined by content program coordinator.