2017 Softball Schedule

2017 record: 15-13-1 overall, 4-10 River States Conference, 7-5 USCAA

* = River States Conference opponent
+ = USCAA opponent
BOLD = Home games
All games EST unless noted.

Saturday, March 410:30amvs. St. Cloud Technical and Community College (Spring Training in Titusville, Florida)(Scrimmage)W 7-4Scrimmage
Saturday, March 43:30pmvs. Cumberland County College (Spring Training in Titusville, Florida)W 8-01-0/0-0/0-0
Sunday, March 58amvs. St. Mary-of-the-Woods College+ (Spring Training in Titusville, Florida)L 14-01-1/0-0/0-1
Sunday, March 510amvs. St. Mary-of-the-Woods College+ (Spring Training in Titusville, Florida)L 5-11-2/0-0/0-2
Tuesday, March 78amvs. Iowa Wesleyan University+ (Spring Training in Titusville, Florida)W 2-12-2/0-0/1-2
Tuesday, March 710amvs. Iowa Wesleyan University+ (Spring Training in Titusville, Florida)W 3-0     3-2/0-0/2-2
Wednesday, March 810amvs. Penn State Hazleton+ (Spring Training in Titusville, Florida)W 3-14-2/0-0/3-2
Friday, March 24 3pmChatham UniversityW 7-65-2/0-0/3-2
Friday, March 245pmChatham UniversityW 3-26-2/0-0/3-2
Saturday, March 25 12pmPoint Park University*L 5-0   6-3/0-1/3-2
Saturday, March 25 2pmPoint Park University*L 8-06-4/0-2/3-2
Monday, March 27 3pmMaine Presque Isle+ Canceled Canceled
Monday, March 27 5pmMaine Presque Isle+Canceled     Canceled
Monday, March 273:30pmat WayneburgW 7-37-4/0-2/3-2
Monday, March 275:30pmat WaynesburgT 4-4 (darkness)7-4-1/0-2/3-2
Friday, March 31 4pmat Asbury University*W 11-98-4-1/1-2/3-2
Friday, March 316pmat Asbury University*L 10-68-5-1/1-3/3-2
Saturday, April 1 3pmat Midway University*L 6-08-6-1/1-4/3-2
Saturday, April 15pmat Midway University*L 4-38-7-1/1-5/3-2
Sunday, April 2 12pm at Berea College+W 9-19-7-1/1-5/4-2
Sunday, April 22pmat Berea College+L 9-19-8-1/1-5/4-3
Saturday, April 8 1pmOhio Christian University* W 5-4 (9 innings)10-8-1/2-5/4-3
Saturday, April 8 3pm Ohio Christian University*L 10-710-9-1/2-6/4-3
Sunday, April 9 12pmCincinnati Christian University*L 5-2     10-10-1/2-7/4-3
Sunday, April 92pmCincinnati Christian University*W 9-1 (5 innings)11-10-1/3-7/4-3
Wednesday, April 124pmat Kent State Tuscarawas+W 14-5 (6 innings)12-10-1/3-7/5-3
Friday, April 213pmWest Virginia University Tech*+L 1-0     12-11-1/3-8/5-4
Friday, April 215pmWest Virginia University Tech*+L 2-1     12-12-1/3-9/5-5
Saturday, April 2211amNo. 19 University of Rio Grande* L 12-0 (5 innings)12-13-1/3-10/5-5
Saturday, April 221pmNo. 19 University of Rio Grande* W 10-713-13-1/4-10/5-5
Monday, April 243pmat Penn State Beaver+W 9-0 (5 innings)14-13-1/4-10/6-5
Monday, April 245pmat Penn State Beaver+W 6-115-13-1/4-10/7-5
Friday, April 281pm (2pm CDT)at Brescia University*  
Friday, April 283pm (4pm CDT)at Brescia University*  
Saturday, April 2912pmat Indiana University Southeast*  
Saturday, April 292pmat Indiana University Southeast*  
Friday, May 5TBARiver States Conference Tournament  
Saturday, May 6TBARiver States Conference Tournament  
Sunday, May 7TBARiver States Conference Tournament  
Sunday, May 14TBAUSCAA National Championship Tournament  
Monday, May 15TBAUSCAA National Championship Tournament  
Tuesday, May 16TBAUSCAA National Championship Tournament  
Wednesday, May 17TBAUSCAA National Championship Tournament  
Thursday, May 18TBAUSCAA National Championship Tournament