2017 Women's Volleyball Schedule

Season record: 0-0 overall, 0-0 RSC, 0-0 USCAA

BOLD = Home games 
* = RSC teams
+ = USCAA teams
All home matches are played at St. Joseph Hall on the Carlow University campus.

Fri.Aug. 253pmLawrence Technological Institute (Mich.) (at University of Michigan-Dearborn)  
Fri.Aug. 255pmIndiana University South Bend (at University of Michigan-Dearborn)  
Sat.Aug. 2610amUniversity of Michigan-Dearborn  
Sat.Aug. 2612pmMadonna University (Mich.) (at University of Michigan-Dearborn)  
Fri.Sept. 1TBAPenn State University Beaver+  
Sat.Sept. 2TBAPenn State University Beaver Tip Off Tournament +  
Fri.Sept. 84pmKent State University Tuscarawas (Ohio)+  
Sat.Sept. 92pmUniversity of Cincinnati Clermont College (Ohio)  
Sat.Sept. 94pmCentral State University (Ohio)  
Weds.Sept. 137pmPenn State University Beaver +  
Fri.Sept. 157pmIndiana University Kokomo *  
Sat.Sept. 1612pmIndiana University East *  
Tues.Sept. 197pmPoint Park University *  
Fri.Sept. 227pmRochester College (Mich.)+  
Sat.Sept. 23TBAConcordia University-Ann Arbor (Mich.)  
Sat.Sept. 23TBAIndiana University Northwest  
Tues.Sept. 267pmWest Virginia University Institute of Technology *+  
Fri.Sept. 297pmAsbury University (Ky.)*  
Sat.Sept. 3012pmMidway University (Ky.)*  
Thurs.Oct. 57pmKent State University Tuscarawas (Ohio)+  
Fri.Oct. 68pmUniversity of Rio Grande (Ohio)*  
Sat.Oct. 712pmWest Virginia University Institute of Technology *+  
Tues.Oct. 107pmUniversity of Rio Grande (Ohio)*  
Sat.Oct. 14TBACincinnati Christian University (Ohio)* & Point Park University  
Tues.Oct. 177pmOhio Christian University *  
Sat.Oct. 2111amIndiana University Southeast*  
Sat.Oct. 211pmBrescia University (Ky.)*  
Fri.Oct. 277pmOhio Christian University *  
Sat.Oct. 2812pmIndiana University East*  
Tues.Oct. 317pmPoint Park University*  
Weds.Nov. 8TBAUSCAA National Championship Tournament  
Thurs.Nov. 9TBAUSCAA National Championship Tournament  
Fri.Nov. 10TBAUSCAA National Championship Tournament  
Sat.Nov. 11TBAUSCAA National Championship Tournament