It is expected that doctoral students engage both in the academic material as well as in self-reflection as they progress through their studies and clinical training. This type of intra-psychic and intellectually challenging work is time-consuming and requires sacrifice on the part of the student. With this in mind, the program has a variety of supportive measures in place in order to prevent undue stress that may lead to difficulties or impairment.

Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student Association 

The primary purpose of the Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student Association (CPDSA) is to offer students a structured way to connect around issues of shared importance. Early during each spring semester, students will elect three representatives (one from each cohort) to serve on the Counseling Psychology Doctoral Student Association Council of Representatives. Student representatives are invited to attend formally scheduled program faculty meetings and are encouraged to report to the CPDSA a summary of the meetings.

Professional Mentor Program

In collaboration with psychologists from the Greater Pittsburgh Psychological Association (GPPA), the Professional Mentor Program has been developed in support of socializing doctoral students into the profession. Students will have the opportunity to connect with members of the GPPA in several venues throughout each academic year. For additional information, contact the Program Director or members of the Mentoring Committee of the Greater Pittsburgh Psychological Association.

Student Mentor (Buddy) Program

The doctoral program at Carlow is not unique with its built-in student mntor pogram. The program is characterized by students supporting students, through the academic rigors of doctoral studies.

Program Director & Student Academic Advisors

The program director and student academic advisors are intended to support student learning and growth during doctoral level training. Students should feel free to approach the program director, core faculty, or their academic advisors for guidance with academic or professional issues at any point during their training.

Community Forum & Colloquia

The purpose of the Community Forum & Colloquia is to provide a venue in which program wide business and extra-curricular learning objectives (through guest speakers, etc.) can be addressed.

Internship Application Preparation Seminar

An informal seminar is provided for students applying for internship. It takes place the fall term during which applications are submitted. Under faculty mentorship and through peer support, students are offered assistance with preparation of their curriculum vitae and cover letters.

Student Financial Support

Currently two 20-hour assistantships are offered each year and they are reserved for first year students. Courses are offered in the evening in order to accommodate students who must work while pursuing the doctoral degree. Since all Program students have a master’s degree in counseling or a closely related field, many are involved in the provision or supervision of psychological care in relation to their employment. Students working on their dissertation are eligible to apply for up to $500.00 each to defray associated expenditures and the Program has a Survey Monkey account exclusively for use by doctoral students.

University-Wide Student Support Services

Students have access to a wide range of support services, including Health Services, Wellness and Fitness Services (which provides a variety of wellness-related classes and activities), the Office of Career Development, Financial Aid, and the Center for Academic Achievement.