The professional writing minor is designed for students like you interested in pursuing work and education with the written word. Minors are prepared to work in publications, the media, nonprofit organizations, fundraising/development, corporations, and entrepreneurial small businesses. Some students of the professional writing minor program pursue graduate degrees in writing and combine their minor with a major in English, Creative Writing, Communications, Business, or another major in which they would like to use their writing skills.

Students who minor in professional writing must take a minimum of 18 credits in writing selected from the following courses: EN/CM 180, EN 200, EN 218, CM 242, EN 244, EN/CM 260, EN/CM 330, EN 346, EN 347, EN 348, EN 349, CM 360, or EN 405. You and your faculty advisor will design the program that best suits your needs.


Professional writing minors develop the ability to write clear, organized prose suitable for the organizational or publishing workplace environment.