In keeping with our mission, Carlow University and the Center for Global Learning strive to promote global awareness and understanding as a key component of students’ academic and professional goals. As a result, studying abroad is encouraged and fostered. The experience, however, does not just stop at studying abroad. We wish for our students to gain the most out of the experience which requires reflecting and discussing the experiences both while abroad and once returned and studying at Carlow.

Prior to studying abroad, you will be asked to participate/complete the following:

  • A pre-study abroad interview. This interview will be videotaped, with your permission, and used to gain a sense of what you as an individual hope to gain from studying abroad.
  • Attend a blogging workshop. You will be asked to blog while you are abroad so this short workshop will explain how to blog, what to blog, and our expectations for your blog.
  • Serve as a mentee. You will be asked to pair up with a past study abroad student in order to help with the process as well as make connections.

While you are abroad, you will be expected to complete the following:

  • Blog. As previously state, you will be expected to keep a blog of your experiences. This can be informal but must be appropriate as it may be linked to the study abroad portal page for all Carlow students, staff, and faculty to read.
  • Photos. Please take two photos while abroad to submit to the Center for Global Learning:
    • One of yourself abroad
    • One of something/somewhere that best represents where you studied abroad