Philosophy Major

  • Carlow University Students in Classroom Discussion

    As a philosophy major, you will have the joy of examining and asking the largest and most important of the human questions concerning life and the nature of the universe in which we find ourselves. With its emphasis on a critical study of past and present systems of philosophic thought, many of the goals and purposes of the Carlow philosophy major can be clearly found in the mission statement of the University. “Carlow University, a Catholic, women-centered, liberal arts institution embodying the heritage and values of the Sisters of Mercy, engages its diverse community in a process of life-long learning, scholarship, and research. This engagement empowers individuals to think clearly and creatively; to actively pursue intellectual endeavors; to discover, challenge, or affirm cultural and aesthetic values; to respond reverently to God and others; and to embrace an ethic of service for a just and merciful world.” 


    The philosophy major investigates the formative ideas and arguments of great female and male thinkers of the past and present. By doing so, you gain a strong sense of our collective intellectual heritage with its strengths and flaws. Finally, you are trained to think, write, and speak critically. 


    You will read and respond in writing to original and secondary texts in the history of philosophy, and thereby develop the intellectual skills necessary to apply abstract ideas to the political and moral decisions required of practical life. 

  • Major:



    Bachelor of Arts


    Main Oakland Campus
    Course Requirements:120.00 credits