The philosophy major is designed to be a comprehensive introduction to the history of philosophy and its many themes that will introduce you to the exciting realm of the ongoing journey of philosophic discourse and ideas. The philosophy curriculum is also designed as a pre-law, pre-professional major in the humanities. The curriculum not only provides majors with a rigorous overview of the great ideas in the history of philosophy, but also with the reasoning and writing skills necessary for entry into law and public policy. By studying the arguments of great thinkers from the past and present, as a philosophy major, you will gain a strong sense of your intellectual heritage and the ongoing debates—from gender to jurisprudence—that are a part of that heritage.

With its flexible requirements, philosophy is also an ideal second major. As a second major, philosophy provides a strong humanities background for students whose primary major—perhaps biology or business management—may not provide this opportunity. Additionally, philosophy is a superb complement to majors such as psychology or education. 


With its emphasis on language skills, critical thinking, and abstract reasoning, philosophy is a major with numerous practical applications. Philosophy majors consistently do well on law school entrance exams, graduate school entrance exams, and business graduate school entrance exams.


Philosophy Major
Philosophy Minor