Online Student Support

  • The exploration, learning, and scholarship that you will engage in online is not defined by the pages of a book or even the syllabus of the course. With our experienced and knowledgeable faculty to guide you, the power to determine how much you will learn ultimately resides in you. For those of you who are a bit anxious about being enrolled in an online program, don't be. For some, 21st century online learning may be easy. For others, there may be a bit of a transition. Everyone may take a few missteps in the beginning, but with patience and hard work, everyone will get up to speed fairly quickly.

    Are You Ready To Learn  Online?

    If you are unsure that you have the skills needed to be successful learning in the digital environment, take some time to read our FAQs, and review our online student readiness information.

    You're Ready, But Do  You Have the Right Tools?

    Being a successful online learner or teacher requires having access to the computer equipment and software needed to participate in course activities. To check to see if you have the technology tools needed, review our technical specifications for online students.

    • Students who have been admitted to an online program, please visit our student support for online students section where you will find links to important information and helpful resources that will help you begin to prepare for learning in the online environment.
    • Prospective students who would like to learn more about our online programs and admissions process, please visit the Admissions page.
    • Learn about Carlow's totally and partial online programs. Additionally, we offer many online courses within most every academic school or division; check with your advisor to learn more.