New Student and Transfer Student Move In Day is Friday, January 5, 2018!

Check back soon for an exact time! 

Upperclassmen may move in on Sunday, January 7, 2018.
Upperclassmen should plan their move-in from 9:00 a.m. - 7:00 p.m.

What If I Cannot Move In at The Specified Time?

You may move in at a different time on your move-in date or any day thereafter; however, you will not have the assistance of the university's team for unloading. Please call 412.578.8776 for instructions if you cannot move in at the specified times.

Before Arrival

There are several things you'll need to check off your list before you arrive at Carlow. Please read over the Pre-Move-in Checklist. For a list of what can and cannot be brought into the residence halls, please refer to the Resident Hall FAQs.

IMPORTANT: Forms Due Prior To Arrival

  • Health History and Immunization Documentation Form
    Prior to moving into the residence hall, all students must have submitted the Health History and Immunization Documentation Form located on the Before You Get Here webpage with verification from their health care provider that they have received all mandatory immunizations.  
  • Housing/Food Service Agreement
    Each student who resides in the residence hall is required to sign the Housing/Food Service Agreement that is enclosed in the orientation package that will be mailed to your home this summer. Please read the agreement carefully. Once you have selected your meal plan and signed the agreement, return the white copy to the Office of Campus Life. Your contract must be on file in order to move into the residence hall.


During first-year student Move In Day, a valet attendant will move your vehicle to Lot C after it is unloaded. 

When you are ready to leave, stop at the check-in tent or dispatch to retrieve your keys. Make sure to have your ticket so they can match your number to your keys. Once you have received your keys you can proceed to walk up to Parking Lot C located at the top of our campus.

Lot C is located on Terrace Street, opposite the intersection of Chesterfield Rd. 


Check In

Look for the check-in tent located outside Frances Warde Hall. All new students can pick up their housing key and student ID, as well as complete any forms. 

The Celtic Crew will be there to help you! Made up of students and staff, the Celtic Crew will assist you with unloading and moving in your things, as well as give you some guidance if you have any questions. They will place everything in carts and take things up to your room so you don't have to worry about hauling it all by yourself.


Are There Any Packing Tips?

When packing, we suggest you label all large boxes, suitcases, and items with your name and room number. This will help with the accurate transport of your belongings to your room. Don't use black trash bags because they can be mistaken for trash.

We want to make move-in day the best possible experience for you. Hundreds of students are moving to campus on the same day, so there are bound to be a few glitches along the way. Packing a dose of patience and a smile can help. 

Not sure what you should bring? Here’s some helpful tips.  

Can Students Move In Early?

In order to return to campus early, a student must be a part of a group considered essential to the opening of the university. Some examples of these groups include but are not limited to fall athletes, Celtic Crew, first-year mentors, resident assistants, and the Student Government Association Executive Board. Students whose special circumstances are beyond this scope may submit an individual request. However, only those requests deemed both reasonable and necessary will be approved. 

Need help? Just ask!
Support staff in the residence hall includes two graduate resident directors (GRDs), 13 resident assistants (RAs), first-year mentors (FYMs), and the assistant director of Campus Life.