Vision, Mission, & Core Values

  • Carlow University will be a preeminent, innovative, Catholic university, renowned for providing transformational learning experiences in which students realize their full potential and become career-ready ethical leaders committed to a just and merciful world.

  • The Discover and Quest garden waterfall at Carlow University


    Carlow University, a Catholic, women-centered, liberal arts institution embodying the heritage and values of the Sisters of Mercy, engages its diverse community in a process of life-long learning, scholarship, and research. This engagement empowers individuals to think clearly and creatively; to actively pursue intellectual endeavors; to discover, challenge, or affirm cultural and aesthetic values; to respond reverently to God and others; and to embrace an ethic of service for a just and merciful world.


    Sacredness of Creation

    We reverence each person and all of creation and the diversity they embody.


    We espouse critical thinking, research, contemplation, and action as essential to the learning process and significant in our search for God.

    Intellectual Integrity

    We speak the truth gleaned from our intellectual pursuits.


    We prepare leaders who influence societal, organizational, and family life for the betterment of all creation.


    We honor the legacy of Catherine McAuley by being a student-centered, welcoming, and nurturing community of learners.


    We engage in service to others with competence and compassion.

    Student Progress

    We educate, challenge, and expect all students to uncover, expand, and realize their potential.