Carlow alumni classes celebrate their milestone reunion years and show their thanks by paying tribute to the University through the class gift. In preparation for the class reunion at Alumni Weekend; there is a wonderful model of generosity from alumni who remember the significance of their Carlow education and collectively contribute toward the success of our current students.


Goals are set as a way to engage each reunion year class in raising the idea of giving back to Carlow with a particular dollar amount and also with a certain percent or participation rate from individuals in the class. The collective gifts are combined and are recognized as the class gift during Alumni Weekend in the fall of each year.

Each reunion year class is invited to be a part of a committee—making calls, writing letters, and connecting with classmates to make their goal.


Compare these statistics about today's full-time undergraduate Carlow students to the days when you were a student here: 

  • 55% are the first in their families to attend college
  • 95% receive financial aid at an average level of $11,563
  • Tuition is $26,832 per year
  • Cost per credit = $642-$871 depending on course
  • Room and board charges are $5,406 for double occupancy
  • Textbooks cost approximately $100 each